Recommended FP Courses

Posted on November 9, 2019

I’ve been diving into the big wide world of FP (that’s Functional Programming speak for Functional Programming). I still have quite a way to go, but here are some projects/courses I’ve done and can recommend.

CIS194 Course

This is a course taught by Brent Yorgey at the University of Pennsylvania. It pretty much starts from scratch and gets you up to Monads. Some colleagues and I put together a GitHub repository that contains unit tests for each of the weekly homework assignments, so you can TDD your way to victory.

Data61/QFPL Intro Course

This is a set of exercises that use Haskell to teach core functional programming concepts. It serves as the content for a 3-day Introduction to Functional Programming workshop run by the Queensland Functional Programming Lab (QFPL), which I can highly recommend.

Data61/QFPL Applied Course

This repository backs another 3-day workshop run by the QFPL. It builds on the topics covered in the introductory course and guides you through building a real web-service, which encodes/decodes JSON and talks to a SQL database.